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Clinical Cardiac MRI – 2E. A new chapter on cardiac modeling has been added; the chapter on heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and heart transplantation has been split in two separate chapters, yielding a total of twenty chapters. Some of the chapters have been extensively rewritten and also extended, aiming to appropriately highlight the rapidly evolving role of cardiac MRI. In particular, this was the case for ischemic heart disease and heart muscle diseases. For other chapters, such as the chapter on congenital heart disease, the emphasis is now on daily clinical applications to investigate simple and more complex cardiac malformations. Throughout the textbook, practical schemes are provided indicating how to apply cardiac MRI for a wide variety of cardiac diseases. And last, but by no mean least, a series on 100 new clinical cases is available as online material. These cases cover a wide spectrum of cardiac diseases, including some less frequent cardiac abnormalities, which have been selected to underscore the added value of cardiac MRI. The online material has the advantage of bringing the dynamic features of cardiac MRI (e.g., functional or stress imaging).

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Author (s) : Jan Bogaert, Steven Dymarkowski, Andrew M
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