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How can we understand what we are? What are we made of? Are we aware that all that we do — including reading this book — is the work of a marvelous machine? We know very little about how we are able to be conscious of our own actions; nevertheless, even though we are usually not very aware of it, this community of organs that is the body — an integrated system that includes the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, muscles, bones, skin, and endocrine glands — acts together in exquisitely regulated harmony. Everything that happens inside us is truly fascinating. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy this book. It is full of incredible facts and illustrations that will show you the complex ways each part of the body works. This book will also tell you about the function of our skin, the largest organ of the body, which serves as an elastic barrier covering and protecting everything inside our bodies. Captivating images will show you how each of our extraordinary body systems function, and incredible facts will help you understand why the human body is so amazing.

What Are We Made Of?
Bones and Muscles.
Internal Systems and Organs.
The Senses and Speech.
Control Centers.

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