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101 American English Proverbs is designed to help students of English understand and use proverbs that relate to everyday situations. The proverbs in this book are grouped in nine thematic sections, in order to facilitate student understanding and acquisition of proverbs for use in particular contexts. Within each section the proverbs are listed alphabetically. The proverbs included in 101 American English Proverbs are among those that are most familiar to and most frequently used by native speakers of English. Each proverb is presented in its most common form together with a standard English definition. It must be noted that many of the proverbs have variant forms as well as more than one possible meaning. Students are unlikely to be troubled by this flexibility if they reflect on its presence in the proverbs of their native languages. The wordings and definitions selected for this book are intended to help students achieve a basic understanding of each proverb. A cartoon and a short paragraph or dialogue are provided to help illustrate the meaning and usage of each proverb. The paragraphs and dialogues serve two purposes: to give an understanding of the proverb in a normal everyday setting and to enhance the student's awareness of natural American speech. To this end they include many contemporary expressions. These expressions should not deter from the basic comprehension of the proverb. The illustrations add an element of humor while helping to convey the meaning of each proverb. An index is included to facilitate recall and location of the proverbs. The standard English definitions for the proverbs are also listed in the index.
101 American English Proverbs is an excellent tool for teaching an aspect of English that is such an integral part of the language. This book also serves as a springboard for conversation about some of the similarities and differences between various languages and cultures. Both nonnative and native speakers of English will benefit from and enjoy the wealth of linguistic and cultural information to be found in this selection of 101 American English proverbs.

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