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Download free Audio : Advanced Trainer CD2

Download free Audio Advanced Trainer CD2

Book Description

This book is suitable for anyone who is preparing to take Cambridge English: Advanced, also kпown as Certiificate in Advanced English (САЕ). You can use Advanced Trainer in class with your teacher or- if you have the with-answers edition of the bооk - on your оwп at home.
Advanced Trainer contains six practice tests for Cambridge Eлglish: Advanced, each covering the
Reading, Writing, Use of English, Ustening and Speaking papers. The first two tests are Guided Tests, which means that they contain extra trainiпg апd support to help you Wlth each of the tasks ln the exam. Tests 3 to 6 are purely practice tests. All six tests are at Cambridge English: Advanced level and match the exam in format аnd standard.

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File size : 72,00 Mb
Author(s) : Felicity  O'Dell
Language : English
Format : MP3

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