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Download free ebook : Dictionary of Medical Terms pdf

Download free ebook Dictionary of Medical Terms pdf

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The evolution of pharmaceutical medicine, clinical pharma cology and drug therapy has over the last few years led to the creation of a large number of new terms and their abbrevia tions with the result that physicians and pharmacists are at a loss when confronted with these terms. This is also due to the fact that everything connected with pharmaceutical medicine is based on interdisciplinary knowledge introduced by specialists in widely differing fields. The present book is most welcome, as it gives short and precise information on nearly all questions. Statistics, clinical pharmacology with its different branches, issues of clinical drug investigation and pharmacotherapy as such are dealt with. Definitions of individual terms reflect, of course, the present state and will need to be continuously updated as to their meaning. This book is therefore most suitable for students of pharmacy and medicine as well as pharmacists and physicians as a source of quick and conclusive information. I therefore hope that this publication will meet with success and widespread approval.

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