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Download free ebook : Famous Five 05 - Five Go Off In A Caravan By Enid Blyton pdf

Download free ebook Famous Five 05 - Five Go Off In A Caravan By Enid Blyton pdf


This, the fifth outing in the Famous Five series, sees a change of location at the opening of the book. Instead of being at Kirrin, home of George, we are at Julian, Dick and Anne's home at the start of the summer hols. Quite where this might be, we are not told. We're not even told their mother's and father's names. Elsewhere in the series their mother is referred to as Mrs Barnard, yet Julian is referred to as a Kirrin. Careless writing/editing or what? Apparently, the five are not welcome at Kirrin, as Quentin is beginning one of his experiments. As George says, "If we go there we'd have to walk about on tiptoe, and talk in whispers, and keep out of his way the whole time." Dick makes the point that Aunt Fanny couldn't cope with them and George's father, and sparks would fly. Anne likes Uncle Quentin, but admits to being afraid of him when he is in one of his tempers. What charming, kind and caring parents they must be. Send your child off to boarding school, and then have no time for her and her cousins in the holidays!

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Author (s) : Enid Blyton
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